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Snyder Langston Commercial Construction

Since 1959, Snyder Langston has been one of the most trusted commercial contractors in Los Angeles and Orange County. Since the early years, our guiding principle has been to understand our clients’ goals and treat their projects as if they were our own. This mindset has enabled us to be one of the leading commercial construction companies in Southern California. The quality of our work is the result of almost six decades of fine-tuning a system and culture that is measured by perfection. We have great pride in the fact that our company strives for a reputation of integrity and professionalism while delivering quality products and services of the highest caliber that a commercial building company can provide.

Commercial Contractor & Trusted Advisor

The role of a commercial general contractor requires trust. Nearly 60 years in business has taught us the importance of this. We take the concept of Trusted Advisor seriously and incorporate it in our dealings internally as well as with our clients. When you couple our dedication to quality and the culture we have developed, Snyder Langston will continue as a leading commercial construction contractor in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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Our people are passionate experts in their field who have a strong desire to learn and grow. They take responsibility for the outcome and value the integrity of their daily choices – in and outside of the office. They view clients’ projects as their own and are highly interactive, collaborative professionals.

Join our talented team and help us build the future of Southern California.

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